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Jiangsu Unicom Era Printing Co., Ltd. since its inception, has been the product quality as the companys core competitive force in the market, it is this successful positioning and Jiangsu Unicom Ltd. era strong product quality awareness of all employees, so that Jiangsu Unicom era printing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai tobacco Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu tobacco industry Co., Ltd., Anhui tobacco industry Co., Ltd. and other companies outstanding suppliers.
      According to the company product quality requirements, we established a strict quality inspection system. All aspects of the company for the quality of products related to the line of strict control and management, the establishment of a scientific test, and test indicators by quantifying the responsibility to the people, to ensure sustained and stable production of qualified products.
      The company strictly from raw materials, all materials must comply with the technical standards and protocols signed between the manufacturers, the choice is reviewed after the company qualified suppliers, and establish a strict process indicators, and establish a good relationship between supply and material suppliers.
       Jiangsu Unicom Era Printing Co., Ltd. established a quality staff training system from time to time, to explain the quality management of new knowledge, new information, establish quality awareness of every employee, regulate their own behavior. Quality inspection departments to establish a standardized test procedure, with advanced detection equipment and tools, and in strict accordance with the test procedures, do not let some of the substandard goods factory.
Jiangsu Unicom Era Printing Co., Ltd. Quality:
Expensive for quality;
Hang in service;
Hold on management;
Sharp on innovation.

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