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First, the purpose of the enterprise: to build the best quality products, to do the most honest service.
Two, development goals: "the construction of the most competitive strength of the printing enterprises."
Three, enterprise spirit: "unity and hard work, love and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to be the world."
"Unity" is the basic guiding principle of a good development of the enterprise, through the communication, coordination, cooperation, and create a fair and just a good business environment, formed under the concerted, in lockstep with the situation.
"Struggle" in the work must be accurate, efficient, "does not lower the head, do not throw in the towel, wiped away tears. Hold on the heroic, in setting realistic goals and encourage moderate advance, opposes waste exaggerated.
Love through the perfect care system so that employees feel the companys respect for their own, help and love, so that employees love the enterprise, love work, love enterprises home.
"Dedication" is created by every employee of the enterprise. Everyone must work hard to give their talents and strength, to create the condition, so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest benefits.
"Pioneering and innovative" through the management of the concept and means of modernization, information technology and standardization, to achieve technological innovation and management innovation.
"Dare to be the world" for the world is the cause of the success of the source, to learn and adapt to change, to adapt to the formation and development, the courage to take the initiative to learn, innovation as a work ability.
Four, the core values of the enterprise concept: Let customer satisfaction, so that shareholders at ease, so that employees happy.

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