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The rapid development of the packaging printing industry unique stamping process sought

source:HC    time:2016-02-27    Views:808次

     With the rapid development of the national economy increasing levels, screen printing and packaging industry, people increasingly requires high-end product packaging, beautiful, environmentally friendly, full of personality, finishing packaging products, the stamping process because its unique surface finishing effect has been loved by the people.

      Bronzing There are three main functions, one graphic surface decoration, gilt after showing a strong metallic luster, vibrant colors, never fade, especially gilt silver, with its magnificent, refined and elegant decor dotted printed surface, enhanced artistic prints, played a prominent theme of publicity, and the light level much higher than the Indian gold and silver printing, the product has a feeling of high quality while giving the joy of beauty, greatly improving the value of the products; the second is to give high performance security products, using hologram positioning hot stamping trademarks, anti-counterfeiting, brand protection; third is due to bronzing layer has excellent physical and chemical properties of the text printed on the product played a very good protection.

     However, the current gold foil technology also have their limitations: Preparation of stamping stamping process version of the long lead time, multi-step, high pollution, can not achieve a large area, one from stamping, that India is taking. Therefore, bronzing technology can not be applied to large format posters, personalized calendars, roll up the advertising industry and other common surface decoration to promote its carrier.
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