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"Intelligent, low-cost, high-profit" will dominate the future of print!

source:Carton micro Horizon    time:2016-02-19    Views:580次

In recent years, the impression of printing seems to be on the way down. Indeed, the explosive growth of the Internet and information technology, smart phones and tablet of traditional media impact, resulting in print print runs substantially reduced, the short version of the live will continue to increase, the dissemination of information is diversified development. The printing industry is undergoing a severe test.
     What will be the future of the printing industry? This year, gaobao company sheet fed offset presses North China Sales Manager Zhang Changyin is the development of the printing industry in 2016 have something to say.
Low cost + high profit - the best model
     In 2014, a total of 10.5 million printing enterprises, practitioners 339.4 million, to achieve printing output 10857.5 billion yuan, a total asset of the whole industry 11763 billion yuan, 714.2 million yuan of total profit, the printing foreign processing trade 866.2 billion yuan. Compared with the last year, the total output value of Chinas printing industry increased by 5.3%, lower than the growth rate of the national economy, down to the lowest point in nearly three years. At the same time, the low-end printing overcapacity problems become chronic in the development of the industry.
     In the face of the current difficulties, in recent years, the combination of printing, cloud printing and other patterns have emerged, the birth of the new model shows that the printing industry is actively changing, in order to improve the operating conditions.
      Zhang said: now customers on product quality requirements are very high, no matter what model, the most important is can reduce cost, increase profit rate, allowing businesses to come to the fore, and better development. In addition, enterprises should also pay attention to improve the ability to lower customer service.
Intelligence -- dominate the future of printing
     Today, the development of offset printing equipment has been mature, basically realized the network, digital, intelligent direction of development. In the field of intelligence, KBA developed a series of unique intelligent systems. As has been in practical use of intelligent logic for paper system, intelligent feeder system (no axis Feida), intelligent feeder (SIS inductive feed system) system and intelligent change version of the system (smart SPC synchronization change version of the system), intelligent plate recognition system (plate ident), intelligent infrared hot air drying system KBAVariDryBlue, intelligent printing quality control system (insp tronic professional system, intelligent production management system (logo tronic professional) and intelligent exhaust system etc..
Zhang said: the printing industry in the future will undoubtedly firmly toward the network, digital and intelligent development. In addition, the inevitable trend of green environmental protection. KBA is a company with a sense of environmental protection and social responsibility, as early as 2004, KBAs all sheet fed offset press has passed the European environmental protection organizations environmental certification.
Expand more profitable space
      Printing industry in recent years, the decline in newspaper printing up, book printing and commercial printing have declined. Therefore, packaging printing and label printing will be the future development of the mainstream. At present, label printing is the largest area of growth, KBA is also able to provide customers with a small label printing machine.
      Zhang said: for printing enterprise, commercial printing and book printing enterprises can to the printing and packaging in a little deeper, printing and packaging can bring more profit for the printing enterprises. In addition special packaging and printing field also contains good opportunities for development, tin and tin, design of special PVC, plastic, etc. are good direction of the transition.
      In the special printing, gaobao has been in the field of market and technology leader in metal printing, gaobao metalPrint company will be substantial and will of offset printing machine can be converted into high quality printing of special printing machine in the thin aluminum plate and a coated steel sheet. The printing machine can also be configured on line polishing device and a variety of optional parts.


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